Legends of the Old West: Mountain Men

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My local Gaming crew started playing around with Legends of the Old West per my suggestion. Its basically a western version of Mordheim so I always have a good time, and during this past Historicon I picked up some Mountain Men figures from Brigade Games and got around to getting the initial posse painting up, I will be picking up more of these at FallIn I think.


The Abominable


Knocked these out over the weekend and thought I’d share. I’ve always loved yetis since seeing the Johnny Quest episode Monster in the Monastery. This is the pair from Copplestone Castings  that I really enjoy, and hope to paint up more of that range since I love the Back of Beyond setting.


Take Back the Night: Molly Squidpiddge!


Took a break from the historical projects list, to paint up my first Master for Malifaux. I spent the good part of a morning trying to think up a color scheme for this figure. I’m not sure if I done with the base or if I will actually complete switch it out with a different one, but for now I just wanted this gal painted so I could play her on game nights.

Not sure when but I likely have some more Malifaux figures coming down the chain soon, I know of at least two more master boxes I’d like to own at least!

The Glorious Haul


Historicon was a bit ago and I picked up quite a few items during my trek through the vendor haul! Here is some quick shots for no good reason listing everything I got!

  • A ton of basing supplies from Lifelike Little Landscape, Battlefield Terrain Concepts, Galeforce 9, and Scenic Express.
  • Enough Late War Germans from Artizan Designs to field a Panzergrenadier platoon for Chain of Command. (One is a crusader blister so have more poses for the MG Teams)
  • A Perry 95th Rifle plastic sprue, and Perry ACW Union Artillery and Limber
  • Barmaid fig from Hovel, which might be my favorite grab!
  • The Pirate Captains and Union Generals in 40mm for Sash and Saber
  • Confederate casualties from Sash and Saber in 28mm
  • A Elder Thing from the Call of Cthulhu 7th miniature line.

That all should keep me busy until at least Christmas if not longer!



French and Indian Allies Completed!


Finally took the time to get my first unit of Indian Allies completed for Sharp Practice. It took a immense amount of time for me to identify what I wanted to do with them from a painting standpoint. In the end I went with Green, Light Tan, and Blue for the Clothing and did a mix of full body paint for most of the group. Some of my favorite visuals of east coast native americans is the full body war paint, so I happy with my first attempt.

Its a pretty wild set of colors, I think my only worry at the moment is that I don’t have enough browns.

This is a mix of Old Glory and Conquest figures, at first I wasn’t hip on the old glory sculpts but  I really like both sculpt ranges once they are painted. All the poses are really nice and after getting all the colors done, the group shows a good bit of character. The only thing I feel I goofed in was the detail on the feathers, but I didn’t want to risk making it worse. Not to mention its likely fine tabletop quality.

I’m decided to keep with the autumn look that I did for the French Regulars, but added some logs that I got at Historicon to give them more of a bushwhacking feel.

With these guys done, I only lack a few leaders, a group of Canadian militia, and my cannon and I have my first fully painted Sharp Practice list! Once thats done I’ll look I’ll be heading to my ACW figures as far as Sharp Practice painting is concerned. So until next time Cheers!

French Indian Allies


Took the time to get the final paint and a picture of my first completed Indian ally for my French forces. I really like everything about this fig, granted it didn’t start that way. This is the first Indian figure I have completed and I still have no identifiable process for the other eleven I plan to paint. I going to come up with a plan and journal it ideally, but I need to get my colors down and have them line up with this guy before I do that.

I’d seen the full blue/back body paint online and wanted to see how it would look, so far its my favorite aspect of the figure, so I may end up making the unit 50/50 with the look.

Right now my goal is to have these fully painted by the end of the week, getting this guy out the door help with my overall motivation on the unit. Once I get the this unit completed I only lake getting six Canadians painted up and I will have a full base list for Sharp Practice which is very exciting. From there I have a few characters and a artillery piece to close out my current collection, with the intent of purchasing possible additions at Historicon. Until next time,  Ó:nen ki’ wáhi!

18th Century French Regulars Pt. 2


Finished the command group for my French Regulars, plus the remainder of the regulars of that troop. Pretty happy with the results although I’m not sure about the skin tone all around. I ordered some trays from Litko add will be adding some basing to that, so I should have pictures of these gentlemen in formation soon enough.

The the sword, pike, and spear troop will likely be representing me leaders in the games of sharp practice I hope to soon get under way!

Speaking of orders I should have another twelve regulars, some Canadian militia, and a artillery piece from Front Rank Miniatures as well! On top of that I be getting some Indian allies off of a friend of mine in the next week or so. I have few of the Indian figures from conquest that I hope to have painted by the end of the next week, so until then au revoir!

18th Century French Regulars


Finally finished this unit over the weekend, which will get to see some table time in a good ole game of Tomahawk and Musket in the near future. These are from the Conquest Miniature line which in a word is the best you’ll find for French and Indian period. I have some Indians from that range as well, that will eventually make it too the feed.

Likely use this setup for future mini photos, since I think it turned out well. In regards to the minis I loved the color set for these french regulars, and felt that the autumn basing gave them a steller contrast color palate.

Really looking forward to some gaming in this period , but I still have a lot to collect and paint for that. I hold off on purchases so I can see how list options pan out for Sharp Practice Version 2, which should be in my hands some time this month. But I may make a early purchase of a Cannon kit from some range since I don’t think anyone in my game group has one. Until next time au revoir!


British Desert Rat Sniper Team


Speed painted a Desert Rat Sniper Team in about two hours. These are for North Africa league currently going down at my FLGS that is have by weekly painting competition. While I don’t think I’ll win any of these due to the vast ocean of talent the local historical gaming group has; its a lot of good fun to participate.


I really liked the basing I did on the sharpshooter of the team, hope to have these chaps keep a squad of Jerry’s pinned down in future games.

I have about of a platoons worth of troops painted for my Desert Rat force, which has a moderate New Zealand theme via the “Lemon Squeezer” Hats like the spotter in this team has. I plan to make it a policy to collect in Chain of Command platoon groups, which is currently my favorite World War 2 wargame. I have post of the full platoon later in the week, with maybe some DAK showing up next month! Pip pip.